Hjalmarson Clay Art

                        Phoenix, Arizona

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   I am still working to incorporate “mud cracking” into some of my work... I believe that these iconic patterns are effective in showing results of climate change, especially as it represents “parched land.”  I am consulting with my grand daughter (age 9), and plan to use some of her creative thoughts in telling our story through clay art...she has an interesting outlook as she was born on the planet Zorth and has expressed concern that the earth will be burnt up by the sun. I am experimenting with “clay cracking”... and this is new territory for me. Potters work hard to keep clay from cracking, and I am coaxing it to crack. While a number of my experiments have “gone south,” I hope to share some success by the ASU Ceramic Research Center’s Studio Tour in late March.   We are now on our regular 1st Friday schedule and will be in our studio on the 1st Friday of every month, 6-9pm. Visitors are aways welcome other times, call 602-254-1222 to make sure we are here.


Halldor and Gail

Feast, sculpted and sprigged elements on a 16” platter. Stoneware, fired to cone 10 in reduction atmosphere.